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This is our temporary credit page until we get the real one working proper. I don't know why Java script has decided to hate me. All the other javas in this web don't. I mean I've wrote poetry to it, I took it to the 5 star restaurant of it's choice and STILL STILL it rebels against me. So I vent.

fighterguppy fanzine's

Lynn Gettman

Guardian Angel Entertainment

Eva Santos

Darren Jones

Lauri Jo Chapman

Rick Chapman

Icky Baby and The Nitro Blues Kings

Robbie Gennet

ForeFront Records


Stan Duquette

Media Relations---Internet Media Newswire

Leona Brown

Rob Wheeler

Linda's Stargazer's Lounge

Scarlet Crush


My Parents

Holiday World Productions

David de Los Santos

icon art credits

Fusion Rock

Serrated View

Soul Taker

Allaina M Miller

bart b

Hellbent 1363

Sorry by Glue

Tom Farnell

Chris Bright

Seth Maxwell


Zack M

Pamela Rodriguez


Mack Corl

Bill Page


Jeremy Vangelder

Evan Stepowany



Spider Queen

Alex Bylund

Scott Hubert

Brian Sandefur

John Lee

Wise Blood

Stephen Cooper

Ryan Kallok


Joshua Camara

A big thank you and hug to all the people who are listed above, without them these pages would be blank.  The web radio station credits are listed on each song that plays.  They also deserve a hug and a thank you as well.  To everyone who reads this, thank you for your support!!!


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