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Hi Everyone !!

" That which does not kill us, makes us stronger." Is a quote from the popular film Steel Magnolias. It quite effectively describes the last month for us. We've had a host of setbacks and technical glitches --yet we keep on. It'll take more than that to kill this guppy. Due to the onslaught of random things we have had deal with our SHOUT List taken a beating. Though silent, it has not been forgotten.  Long Live Fighterguppy Fanzine !!! Here's to a future better than it's past.


Here's our NEW e-mail and site information:

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If you have us on your e-mail list please edit it to have your mail sent to The Shout List account, or the editor's account. Thanks!!!


The First Fighterguppy Fanzine Compilation CD is nearing completion. Reserve your FREE copy now by contacting us at the Comp CD e-mail above.

4 new Songs are now available from the band The Color Green. Check them out at their site

Sworn Enemy fans!!! Check out their video!!! Sworn Enemy video link

Check the international sensation 'The Funk Dawgs'they have updated their site and added some new songs funk dawgs site

Nordlicht Releases are NOW available. Check out their site for more details and great deals. click here

System of a Down and Michael Moore join forces for 'Boom' video. Check it out click here

Are you a Good Charlotte fan? Well check out the cool Good Charlotte contest sponsored by Teen People. The Teen People site

Serj Tankian of System of a Down and Tom Morello of Audioslave have formed 'Axis of Justice' It's purpose is to raise awareness of injustice, racism, war, labor issues, sexual abuse. We wish them luck!

The Color Green's Street Team Contest is in Full swing!! To get more information about this check their site color green site

Help out Purge d.i. request their song 'I am' on Rock 101. The request line is 603-668-0234

Support 7th Standard on KWOD 106.5 Sacramento. They are now playing the single 'You Decide' call 866-448-1065

Audio Adrenaline won a Dove award for their album 'Lift'. They received the honor of Rock Album of the year!!!

The Following CDs/DVDs are currently available at Record Shop near you: Pete Yorn-Day I forgot, Systematic-Pleasure to burn, Unloco-becomingi, Ice Cube-predator, Sol Goode-DVD, Audio Adrenaline-Worldwide, Staci Orrico-Self titled, DC Talk-Free at Last, Rebecca St. James-Wait For me.

Rebecca St. James remixed a version of 'I thank you' in support of our fighting men and women abroad in the Persian Gulf. The original version of this song can be found on Rebecca's first best of CD.

Hey Seattle !!! June will mark the arrival of EndFest 12 sponsored by The End 107.7 FM.  3 rockin' stages, a day filled with incredible music and over priced food.. what more could you want? Stay tuned for a full list of the event line up.

Are you into some hardcore music? The you'll want to sample this, it's the Sworn Enemy E-card go here

Presidents of the United States are BACK and better then ever. Watch for them to come to a venue near you!!

The Black Dog Promotions announces the soon to be released Spring Break CD compilation. To reserve your copy Email here

Vote for Pheend!!! We did!! They are up for best alternative band, not familiar? Well, there's a music sampler right there for you to check out. go to

Congratulations to Fiddlers 3 for winning 2003 CD of the Year Viewer's Choice Award for top Canadian Musician. Look for their new CD 'Encore' in June.

Hey Seattle!!! Wanna see some suspense films for free? Check out John Cusack's new film 'Identity'. Get your free pass to this flick at The Wallingford Pizza House starting 4/21. It's located on 45th near the U-Dist. Close to the Guild 45 Theaters. Still not scared? Well, maybe Ed Burn's film 'Confidence' will give you a sleepless night! Get your tickets for this film NOW at Rudy's on Capital Hill. All free passes are on a first come first serve basis, so hurry while supplies last.

Hey Gamers!!! Check out the NEW Xenosaga Flash Card.. it rocks!! click here

Purge D.I. is heating up the College radio scene. Check them out click here

Check out all the changes with Vgskillz. Click here

L.A. Carpool is working on a NEW CD 'Tropical Moods. Look for it!!

Our you a Finger Tight fan? Then you'll want to send your friends their e-card click here

Hey Memento Fans!!!! Have we got a treat for you! Check out the new Memento E-card, and don't forget to send it to all your friends!! click here

Will Fletcher is climbing up the Mp3 charts. click here to find out why....

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Congratulations!! Will Fletcher!!!!!! Will won the Rolling Stone promo Contest. click here to check it out

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System of a Down's Serj Tankian formed recently Serjical Strike Records. The first release will be Serart, which is a collaboration between Serj and Folk singer Arto Tuncboyaciyan. It's promised to be an eclectic array of textured tracks. They recorded it spontaneously. We'll keep you posted.

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Well Folks!!

This is our new and improved shout list on our new and improved web server. We know that this month in the website dept was a little difficult. We have tried to keep things rolling as best as possible even though it presented some challenges at times. We really appreciate your continued support of our project, and we really feel optimistic about the changes we've made. We look forward to serving you and doing everything we can to help keep Indie Music alive.


The Fighterguppy Staff









April 19---The World Party Network turns 2, Anniversary Party, Happy Clam, Redondo Beach, CA

April 19---Linkin Park, Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, AZ

April 19---Taproot W/ Disturbed, Event Center, San Jose, CA

April 20---Taproot W/ Disturbed, Memorial Aud, Sacramento, CA

April 21---Linkin Park, E Center, West Valley, UT

April 22---Taproot w/ Disturbed, E Center, Salt Lake City, UT

April 22---Boy Sets fire, Slim's, San Francisco, CA

April 23---7th Standard, KWOD 106.5, Benefit for " Chicks in Crisis", Sacramento, CA

April 23---Taproot w/ Disturbed, Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO

April 23---Boy Sets Fire, Roxy Theater, W. Hollywood, CA

April 24---Skin Thursday--Greed, Garden of Eden, Hollywood, CA ( Prohibition Night sponsored by Hustler )

April 24---Taproot w/ Disturbed, Kansas Coliseum, Valley Center, KS

April 24---The Rattlesnakes w/ Rocket from the Crypt, El Rey, Hollywood, CA

April 24---The Color Green, The Derby, Los Angeles, CA

April 25---7th Standard, Troubadour, Hollywood, CA

April 25---Boy Sets Fire, Glass House, Pomona, CA

April 25---The Willowz, The Garage, Los Angeles, CA

April 26---Boy sets Fire, Mira Mesa Epicenter, San Diego, CA

April 26---The Rattlesnakes w/ Rocket from the Crypt, Chain Reaction, Orange County, CA

April 27---Boy Sets Fire, House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV


April 19---E Town Concrete--Sworn Enemy & Soulfly, Showbox, Seattle, WA

April 20---Boy Sets Fire, Graceland, Seattle, WA

April 21---Boy sets fire, nocturnal, Portland, ORE

April 22---Linkin Park, Idaho Center, Nampa, ID

April 23---Linkin Park, Spokane Arena, Spokane, WA

April 25---Linkin Park, MetraPark Arena, Billings, MT


April 19---Breaking Benjamin w/ Saliva, Tower City Amp, Cleveland, OH

April 19---Jupiter Sunrise, House Show, Spencer, IA

April 19---Stereo Mudd, Rock Jungle, Pittsburgh, PA

April 19---Baghdaddios, Earth day show, Lewisberry, PA

April 19---Motorgater-Ministry, The Rave, Madison, WI

April 19---Tangerine, Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA

April 20---Breaking Benjamin W/ Saliva, Clutch cargo, Detroit, MI

April 20---Jupiter Sunrise, Fireball Cafe, St. Paul, MN

April 20---Stereo Mudd, Clutch Cargos, Detroit, MI

April 20---Motorgater- Ministry, Madison Theater, Peoria, ILL

April 21---Jupiter Sunrise, Gabe's Oasis, Iowa City, IA

April 21---Less than Jake-Good Charlotte & New Found Glory, Giant Center, Hershey, PA

April 22---Motorgater-Ministry, Vic Theater, Chicago, ILL

April 23---Jupiter Sunrise, The Reverb, Cedar falls, IA

April 23---Cold, Crocodile Rock Cafe, Allentown, PA

April 23---Motorgater-Ministry, Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH

April 24---Jupiter Sunrise, The Brass Rail, Champaign, ILL

April 25---Jupiter Sunrise, Uncommon Ground, Chicago, ILL

April 25---From Zero, WKLQ Radio Show, Grand Rapids, MI

April 25---Motorgater-Ministry, Harpo's, Detroit, MI

April 26---E Town Concrete-Sworn Enemy & Soulfly, The Quest, Minneapolis, MN

April 26---Jupiter Sunrise, Metal Blast, Cincinnati, OH

April 26---Linkin Park, Rushmore Plaza, Rapid City, SD

April 26---Motorgater-Ministry, Odeon, Cleveland, OH

April 27---E Town Concrete-Sworn Enemy & Soulfly, Annex, Madison, WI

April 27---Motorgater-Ministry, Promowest Pavillion, Columbus, OH


April 19---Fingertight w/ Pearl Jam, High Five Buys Amp, Atlanta, GA

April 19---Memento, Blue Monkey Tavern, Monroe, LA

April 20---S.T.U.N-Bad Religion, Norva, Norfolk, VA

April 21---Memento, Club Crazy 8, Jackson, MS

April 26---Taproot w/ Disturbed, Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN

April 26---Cold, The Norva, Norfolk, VA

April 27---Cold, Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC


April 19---Detox Darlings, CBGB's, NYC, NY

April 19---From Zero, Webster Theater-WRMQ show, Hartford, CT

April 19---S.T.U.N-Bad Religion, Nation, Washington, DC

April 21---Cold, Lupo's heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI

April 22---Less Than Jake-Good Charlotte & New Found Glory, Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, NY

April 22---S.T.U.N-Bad Religion, Webster Theater, Hartford, CT

April 23---S.T.U.N-bad Religion, Palladium, Worcester, MA

April 24---Bloodfeat w/ Bed of Nailz, Bedrock Lounge, Lindenhurst, NY

April 24---Daze Alone, Epoch, Wilmington, DE

April 24---Less Than Jake-Good Charlotte & new Found Glory, Worcester, MA

April 24---Cold, Downtown, Farmingdale, NY

April 25---Axis Unknown, Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown, NY

April 25---Baghdaddios, 169 Bar, NYC, NY

April 25---Less Than jake-Good Charlotte & new Found Glory, Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME

April 25---O-matics, Loop Lounge, Passaic Park, NJ

April 25---Cold, Irving Plaza, NYC, NY

April 25---Red Jacket, Sidewalk cafe, NYC, NY

April 26---Tangerine, Dewey Beach Pop Fest, Delaware

April 26---Less Than Jake-Good Charlotte & New Found Glory, Civic Center, Hartford, CT

April 27---Joe Whyte, Gold Hawk Tavern, Hoboken, NJ

April 27---Less Than Jake-Good Charlotte & new Found Glory, Sienna College, Albany, NY

April 27---The Pennyroyals, Montclair Univ,  Montclair, NJ


April 19---Less Than Jake-Good Charlotte & New Found Glory, Arrow hall, Toronto, ONT

April 20---E Town Concrete-Sworn Enemy & Soulfly, Commodore, Vancouver, BC

April 22---E Town Concrete-Sworn Enemy & Soulfly, Reds, Edmonton, ALB

April 23---Less Than Jake-Good Charlotte & New Found Glory, Vendum Auditorium, Montreal, QUE

April 23---E town Concrete-Sworn Enemy & Soulfly, MacEwan Hall, Calgary, Alb

April 25---E Town Concrete-Sworn Enemy & SoulFly, Le rendezvous, Winnipeg, MAN


What's up with the UK? You guys usually have a ton of listings?



What no other? I'm shocked.. I'm in disbelief...


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